I’ve met a lot of tree service and stump grinders in my life being a handyman for a rather large company with locations all over the united states, but i’ve never met a stump grinder who really loved their work and appreciated each and every job from his customers like Bryan at Low-cost Stump Grinding in Daytona Beach.

The company i worked for had a few large apartment properties in Central florida so with the hurricanes they have down there, trees eventually fall and your left with an ugly stump on your property that causes a hazard and is an eyesore.

When that happened the first time while i was there i searched for and researched and received quotes from many different companies, Bryan stood out.

I went with my gut feeling and hired him for a rather large job of 8 stumps and he got them done in record time and the area was completely cleaned up before he came and said thank you and goodbye.   A lot of handymen may try to just DIY and get the job done themselves, but after my research i realized that would end up costing me more and i would lose time of doing my work so it was perfect.

When considering removing stumps you have to remember that these things will harbour pests and insects and when the tree stump is on your property you run the risk of these insects or other nuisances moving into your home.

To this day, the company still uses Bryan for stump grinding on their Central Florida properties and you should too. He is licensed, insured, friendly and does a terrific job. He won’t leave the property until your happy with the stump grinding job. I would love to hear you’re experience with him or other stump grinding companies to help readers find trusted companies to work with.


truck trailer filled with tree materials

tree materials getting hauled off

tree down in a back yard

a tree down and getting ready to grind the stump after