I traveled to Montreal Canada a few times throughout the years to meet with possible contractors to hire for the properties i managed. One of those companies is Irrigation Boucherville. I met Vito on a cold March day at the property to discuss maintenance of their new irrigation system installation. It was taking our team too long to get the beautiful landscape watered during the spring and summer so we knew we had to do something, and getting an automatic sprinkler system installed was that thing!

When we met he made sure the pressure for each area was correct and made sure he understood exactly all the areas we wanted to be watered, . After a few hours of walking the property, he was able to give an estimate which was accepted by our board of directors.

The week they came to install, everything went great and the install was near flawless and really clean, you could barely tell after a couple weeks where the system was installed

If you’re anywhere in Montreal, Laval or the South Shore of Montreal give Irrigation Boucherville a call because they are true professionals in their field. I’ve seen the way they work and it’s second to none!

A small tidbit i learned during this week was that they have Wifi enabled controllers so i can manage the watering from anywhere in the world, which is great!