It’s that time of year where home owners start to think about how to get their gardens ready for the spring so they have a gorgeous garden all summer long.

There are many things to consider when its that time of year.

I always start with getting my shed in order, after tossing everything in the shed before winter, you’ll want to clean it up and get yourself organized for the new season! 

After your back to being organized, jump in the garden and start clearing out the weeds, debris and mulch. 

Next you want to prune the trees on your property. Pruning trees helps the trees stay healthy and spurts growth if done correctly. When in doubt hire a professional tree trimming company near you to get the job done correctly and keep your trees in top shape!

Next you’ll want to start getting your soil ready, this is one of the most important steps so make sure to get the soil perfect. i do a lasagna mix and it works out great. I start with cardboard at the very bottom and then layer the extra “ingredients”  

Want an easy step by step guide? check out this website for gardening tips