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Storage Tanks

Item: Description: Dimensions: Price
Small black oven cleaning tank Small Black stackable tanks perfect for Oven Cleaning Tank 210 litres




large black oven cleaning tank Big Black stackable tanks perfect for Oven Cleaning Tank 400 litres

Height- 740mm

Width- 840mm


650 litres oven cleaning tank

650 Litres
Green Oven Cleaning Tanks















Water Butt 350 Litres
500 Litre Water Butts
Having plenty of water to hand is a priority for gardeners to
maintain a healthy growing garden. So why not get a water butt that will save and collect rain water and store it throughout the year and when you need the water you can draw it from the bottom outlet. The 350 Litre water butt is one of Ecosures newest water butts and is perfect for fitting into tight and limited spaces and is made to be tough, strong and durable.
The slimline water butts are extremely popular because of the shape, style and quality. They are made and designed here in the UK and have proved to be a fantastic seller. The 500 litre water butts are ideal for small to medium sized gardens.
Garden Ponds
See our new and up coming range of garden ponds on our sister website. Many sizes, shapes and styles. Ideal for storing koi fish and creating that perfect pond you always wanted


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