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"Your garden can be your canvas with flowers and plants that spray a rainbow mix of beautiful colours. Fill your garden with a variety of crocus, bulbs, plants, shrubs, blue flowers, a range of roses and even add some garden vegetables. Your garden will no dout show off your home. Garden water fountains and water features are also ideal for adding that little something extra special. Looking after your garden means looking after you, so start by seeing our wonderful range of garden products which include garden water butts, garden furniture, dog baths, fish ponds, water features and more.... "

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See Our Wide Collection Of Slimline Water Butts. Slimline design plastic tanks that are perfect for storing water in and around your garden. They are designed to slide securely up against your garden fence, slide beside a shed or green house and come in many sizes and colours.

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Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Marble

Enjoy your garden this year with a wonderful combination of our beautiful garden planters, water butts, garden furniture and garden decor. Many choices for a beautiful garden...

Garden Products > Garden Planters  > Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Marble

Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Marble Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Marble  Ref: EcoJumboPlanterGM
Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Green

We are now selling Ecosures New and upcoming self watering planters, which look wonderful in the garden.
These strong and durable planters are jumbo size which mean you can plant trees or a bed of flowers that will set off your garden.
Made from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) . These Planters are rotationally moulded , giving extra strength and stability to make our planters ideal for all surroundings.

Height - 720mm
Width - 980mm
Length- 980mm  


Excluding Vat
Including Vat
 Ref: EcoJumboPlanterGM

Product and Delivery Information

Product Information
Made from MPDE this planter unlike wood is easy to clean and will tolerate all weather conditions. So grow your plants in this garden planter you won't have to worry about it getting chipped or roting in the damp and wet weather.

As soon as you purchase your goods we will try to ship your items as soon as possible.
Delivery normally takes 3-6 working days depending on delivery postcode.
If items are coming from a different supplier or manufacturer they may take a little longer, however friendly staff will inform you.

Delivery Cost
The delivery cost is £25.00 and this will be added to your total when purchasing.
Garden Products > Garden Planters  > Ecosure Jumbo Planter in Mottle Marble


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